Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A satisfyingly full weekend.....

Hhhhmmmm once again another weekend has come and gone - this one was quite different as it was the Queen's birthday long weekend and it was very enjoyable.
As per usual I worked on Saturday morning. I don't mind working then especially if Noel is home as this gives him some one on one time with the kids. They love spending time with their dad. We decided to have an indian feast for dinner, a few curries, some rice and some bread. Noel and the kids went to Dandenong and bought some of the most delish naan bread from a takeaway shop. We cooked Butter Chicken, Chicken Korma and Noel cooked a special Pork Vindaloo for me and him. The whole dinner was yummy but as usual cooked way too much curry.

Sunday was quite an exciting day - one we had all looked forward to for a few weeks. Mam and Dad were treating the whole family for lunch at the Cuckoo Restaurant in Olinda. I had not been before while the Murray clan had.

It was a good smorgasboard and the kids really loved the entertainment especially Oliver who took part in the bell ringing song! Alex was enthralled with the yodelling. Sean drove which meant both Dad and Noel could relax.
We stayed the night at Mam and Dad's then, another thing we don't do that often. It was good just to relax, chat and spend quality time with them as they go away this Saturday. And yes we had left over curry for supper.
Monday the kids has an Auskick Super Clinic up at St Kilda's home ground, Moorabbin. The kids were really excited all morning as they have met the St Kilda boys before. Alex was looking forward to seeing Brett Voss again. She definately goes weak at the knees when he talks to her. Oliver was just in his element running and kicking the balls amongst his idols. He showed so much confidence and ability - geez I wish he could do that Sunday mornings when he is playing Under 9's!!

Oliver the footy star!!

It looks like Tom and Alex are sizing up their oppositions - other grade 1 children!!!!

Last night was just a quiet one at home - back to reality. Did some shopping, some washing, some homework and then it was off to bed. And bed felt good!!!

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