Friday, June 15, 2007

The dreaded lurggies.......

This week has flown by. Tuesday I had a huge onset of the flu, which is still lingering today, but I am back at work. Alex was also sick yesterday – my poor little princess coughing most of Wednesday evening and Thursday. We both went to the doctors yesterday and have both got a course of antibiotics to follow. Luckily for Alex her’s is a syrup whereas my tablets are the size of horse tranquillisers!! Thankfully Noel and Oliver have missed this bug – touch wood.

Should be having a quiet weekend with nothing major planned at all except it’s back to football on Sunday (it was ace having a sleep in last Sunday). I think we will be catching up with Mam and Dad for lunch on Sunday also as they have postponed their departure until Tuesday as they too have had the dreaded lurggies.

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