Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My sister Claire!

My life is becoming consumed with guilt and sadness over the relationship that my sister and I have.

I am sure that she hates me and for some reason I don’t blame her.

We don’t live that far away from each other but it might as well be separate continents for all the times we see each other.

I know that the two of us are both very different people. I would just really love to be able to pop in to her house, have a cuppa and a chat. I would really love her to pop in to my house and do the same. It would be great to go shopping together – I wouldn’t even care if it were just for groceries!

I sent her a card the other day. In fact it went in the post box on Monday 11th June. It was a blank card – inside I wrote that I was thinking of her, that I was proud of her and that I love her. I also said I was sorry that we weren’t close, not sure why we aren’t but would like to be.

Claire hasn’t mentioned it at all!

I know that I haven’t been the best sister but I hate feeling like I don’t have a sister at all!

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