Monday, July 09, 2007

Two weeks have gone..... where?

We are here – just been wrapped up in ourselves for awhile and completely ran out of time to blog… which is a good thing as it means we have been doing lots of things out and about and at home. Cannot believe it has been two weeks since I last wrote… oh well!!!!

As many are aware it is school holidays down here in Victoria and the kids are having a ball. This school holidays my Mam has come down from Brisbane to help us out with babysitting. Beside the fact that she is freezing I am sure that she is enjoying spending the quality time with Oliver and Alexandria. Normally during Mam’s visits she spends all weekdays with Claire and the weekends at the House of Murray. This time the make up of her time distribution is totally different and I must admit, selfishly, we are all enjoying having her at our house.

Speaking of the house – it was miraculously cleaned over the weekend prior to Mam’s arrival and I have a dining room!! Yes we can see the floor and the table and the bookshelf and the computer desk. It was definitely tiring and painful especially as we threw away a lot of memories I had been “hoarding” as Noel calls it. Whereas I call it “collecting”! Mind you – although it was heart wrenching to throw away letters and cards etc., I felt quite good afterwards and there is quite a substantial amount of clutter gone. With Mam being down I caught up with my sister on Wednesday. Mam, the kids and I went to Claire’s on Wednesday so she could catch up with Mam. It was good to see her and the boys. It makes me realise how much I miss seeing her on a regular basis and now I need to work out how I can make it happen. I don’t know what she thinks or how she feels as I haven’t ever come out and asked her. Maybe I need to do that but I am scared she will tell me something I don’t want to hear. It would break my heart if she told me that she didn’t want me to be a part of her life even though that is the way it is when my Mam is out of town. The only time we really tend to see each other is when Mam is down – other than that it is like I (or my family) don’t exist.

No football this weekend so that made a different kind of Sunday. We spent the day driving around the peninsula – we started at the Dromana Drive In Market, which was such a flop with only 8 stalls due to the bad weather. Then we had a look around Rosebud and the beaches (although we all stayed in the car much to the disgust of Oliver and Alex who wanted to get out and go down to the sand). Last night we had dinner at the Frankston RSL which was kind of disappointing food wise but great to catch up with Sharon again.

Back to work today.......

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