Monday, June 18, 2007

Sunday's ups and downs.....

Wow - what a day Sunday was.

Up early once again for Under 9's football and Auskick. Great catching up with Sharon for a chat whilst Tom and Alex run their little legs off at a mock grid match. Then we went over to clubrooms to see how Oliver and the Under 9 White's went with their match - they lost. But Oliver seemed to enjoy himself.

We all went for lunch with Mam and Dad - Sophia's in Frankston. But for some reason today it was awful. Other times we have been so impressed and recommended the food etc to everyone... yesterday really changed our minds. The first waiter looked liked he was really doing a lot but in actual fact he wasn't doing anything. Took away a bottle of wine to be opened and I swear it was about 10 minutes before it came back. The entree of calamari was rubbery and greasy. Mam and dad's pizza base looked very doughy and undercooked, my pasta was fairly tasteless whereas Noel's rib-eye was probably the best meal ordered except for the overcooked vegetables. Even my pasta devouring kids turned their noses up at the lasagne!! Guess where we won't be going again???

Then it was back up to the clubrooms (6pm) for the game reports and awards presentation.

Up at the football club, Noel and I are starting to get to know more and more of the committee members, coaches and the regulars. Last night was a really great night up the club. For not only did I publish the first newsletter for the Karingal Bulls (hopefully it was up to standard) but both Noel and I left the club as really proud parents. Oliver was given the Bull of the Week award for his on ground performance. He received a medal (will publish photo tomorrow) which he wore with pride all night and it took me a while to get it from around his neck whilst yelling at him to go to bed! Alex was really proud of her brother also but insisted that she share in the glory and had to have a turn of wearing it around her neck... lol!!

But Oliver recieving his award changed everyone's outlook on the whole day!! Well done Oliver - you make us all very proud.

Gotta fly.

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Clare Murray said...

Awesome, I am so prous of my nephew, give him a big hug from me. Mum said Sophias was terrible as well. I told her to complain, you should ring them and tell them too


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