Saturday, May 19, 2007

So much has happened - where do we begin??

Well where do I start..... it has been so long since I posted and that is only because we as a family have been flat chat.

Since we last spoke it has just been one episode after another - seriously putting the "Days of Our Lives" plot to shame.

We have moved house. Only about 5 streets from the last place but none the less everything needed to be packed and of course, unpacked!! We needless to say we moved the first weekend in March and still have a few boxes floating around requiring attention.

Work has been busy for the both of us. My travelling to country/interstates sites is spasmotic with another 3 day trip coming up in two weeks. Noel has been doing all the overtime he can get but that too is irregular with noting set in concrete.

Still having the "family" argument with Noel's brother's wife.... she doesn't want anything to do with her husbands side of the family even though they have announced that they are expecting a child at the end of August. No matter what we try as a family she believes that she has done nothing wrong and is apparantly happy with having no contact. It is really tearing the family apart and I really feel for Noel's Mam and Dad.

As for my side of the family it is really not that much better. I don't see my sister from one week to the next - even Mother's day was a flop with a quick 10 minute catch up at the local football club and even that wasn't loving or sisterly. Our aunty flew into Melbourne for a family visit but didn't visit either my sister or me...... hmmmm obviously we are not classed as "family" anymore. She managed to see the other neices and nephews! But I am not going to complain as there is no point. I am just really glad that my Mam and I have a wonderful relationship now but then there is the fact that she is too far away to hug all the time.

Anyways facing another busy weekend - Alex is in an Auskick Grid Match at halftime in the seniors match today so that should be a laugh. Oliver is playing Under 9's football for the Karingal Bulls again this year and is playing at his home ground tomorrow morning.

Chat soon,


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