Monday, May 21, 2007

You mean the weekend is over??

Once again the weekend has disappeared with a blink of the eye!!

It is amazing that although we do tend to do a lot each weekend we never really get anything done...
  • we are still unpacking boxes but they just don't seem to disappear
  • the quicker I clean the house the quicker it gets messed up
  • the faster I go to sleep the faster I wake up...
Anyway enough rambling...

Saturday was a great afternoon. Alexandria had her halftime grid match at the Bulls home ground and she played really well. All of us (Noel, Oliver and myself) we really proud of her effort.

Here is Alex with her best friend Tom. They have been inseperable since creche. They are in the same class at school and play Auskick together ever Sunday morning.

Oliver played football really well this weekend and it was topped off with the fact that his team, U9's Karingal whites won their first match. Noel and I were also stoked when Oliver got given an award last night for a great effort during the game. I am a proud Mam!!

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