Monday, May 28, 2007

Already Monday?

Another weekend has flown past and as usual we tried to fit so much into those couple of precious days.

Stressed out over my car - the battery has been dying every couple of days in the last week so we were up for a new battery and my magna is now working okay!! Touch wood and I am not going to speak to loud incase it hears me and wants to stress me out a little more by getting something else not to work!!

Football was great the Karingal Bulls Whites (Oliver's team) won again. They played away at Seaford so that was good - that's 2 wins from 4 games. Let's hope they keep the momentum up. Alex had a brilliant go at Auskick. Once again they had another grid match and my star princess kick 2 goals before getting a football to the side of her head. Then she showed us she really was a princess and cried for the rest of the session!!! Poor little thing!! All was fixed with a bucket of hot chips and a can of coke from the club canteen!! Of course. Tom also had a great Auskick session and was awarded the canteen award for his efforts.

Oh almost forgot - even managed to unpack a couple of boxes (made more of a mess mind you) but we are getting there.

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