Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Why do my kids go slow when I need them to go fast?

Once again this morning I found myself yelling “Hurry up, mam is going to be late for work AGAIN!!” to my two little darlin’s. It seems the minute I say “hurry” they take it as “That’s right darlin’ you go as slow as you want – it doesn’t matter!” I am really lucky that I have a good boss that doesn’t pull me up on the 5 minutes here or 20 minute there. God – most bosses would have had me sacked and long gone.

It really doesn’t matter to children what time things happen especially if it doesn’t really involve them. The fact that I have a routine that needs to be stuck to isn’t an issue compared to lying on the floor infront of the heater or playing with Barbies in the bedroom.

But geez you should see the faces if I don’t give them uniform that has been warmed in the dryer. Or if I haven’t put their favourite snack in the lunchboxes. Or if they realise at 5 to 7am that they haven’t got anything organised for Show and Tell and I don’t let them get something!!

I am so over yelling at them especially first thing in the morning.


Needless to say I think their dad will be having a little chat to them tonight!

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Clare Murray said...

Of course they go slow, anything to delay getting to school....I remember being a dilly dally, oops, still am a dilly dally but no-one can get angry at me. Scott probably will in a few months.LOL.


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