Saturday, May 26, 2007

Our blog is no longer a secret!!

Good morning all,

Yesterday I made the decision to share my blog with some of my family. I haven't told them all but I did tell my sister in law, Clare, and my mam. Sounds strange that I can share the happenings in the House of Murray with the world but have been worried about sharing this blogspot with my family. Maybe I felt they would think of me as a little wierd posting information for anyone to see - but it would just be like anyone finding a personal diary and having a good old read of it whilst drinking a cuppa!! Right?

Last night went so quickly - bur we managed to achieve a lot.

The kids and I managed to fit so many things into a few hours before getting home by 7pm! I left work to take Oliver and myself off to the doctors. Oliver has a sore throat and just looks under the weather. He has been given a course of anti-biotics so we will see how they go. Myself, not as easily fixed, blood pressure is still up high and have been told it is back to monthly BP checks and to lose weight (which I am trying to do). But other than that I am okay. Also I am trying a new cream for my psorisis which has become really bad on my elbows and knees!! Alex said she has a sore nostril but I am convinced that is just from always having her finger up her nose!! LOL!!

Then it was off to the Mitsubishi dealer to get a new zapper for my car security and also for them to reset my car radio.... I definately need music whilst driving!! My battery shorted the other day and cut out the radio which needed a code to reset. Of course this code wasn't written in any of my service books - that would be too logical.

After this, we all headed up to the local shopping centre so I could have my nails refilled. Alex is amazed at the whole process of false nails. She sat there watching in awe asking a never ending supply of questions. The lady painted Alex's nails after mine were finished and she walked around like a princess for the rest of the shopping trip. We grabbed a few groceries and it was off home.

Must admit totally shattered by the time dinner was cooked and the kids settled. Off to bed I went and as I do every Saturday morning was at work for 6am!

Still crossing fingers on having a quiet weekend....... might have a nana-nap this afternoon!!

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