Monday, January 15, 2007

A relaxing Sunday outing.

Yesterday we had a really interesting and different day.

We had planned to go to Ocean Beach down Flinders but it didn’t seem warm enough. So we took Mam up to Springvale for a look around and then had some lunch in a Vietnamese restaurant we had been to before.

It was quite a different atmosphere to what she is used to. As we all know most chinese restaurants cater for the Eastern world and have ventured from their traditions but when you get into a small café style restaurant where the majority of patrons are asian it’s all different. She ate with eye’s wide open staring from table to table looking at what other’s were ordering. It was fun just to watch Mam.

Then we went off to the Carribbean Gardens Market. Hadn’t been there for I don’t know how many years! It seemed to be a lot bigger and the kids seemed handle walking around the stalls okay. However their moods changed when we finally went and had a look around the gardens. We went on the jungle cruise, quite comical for us adults, but the kids had a ball.

Mam is off to Claire’s today for another week. Still not sure when she is planning to go back to Brisbane. The kids are off to Nana and Grandad’s for the week so the house will definitely be quiet for Noel and I…….

Looking forward to getting some sleep and yes I mean sleep!

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