Friday, June 22, 2012

YAY Home again....

Nothing beats returning home especially to my family.... hubby, ever supportive and loving, kids glad to see me back and as we know a child's love is unconditional. It definitely makes the travel and time away for work worth it upon my return.

I had a huge week away - the stress of my work tasks and of course there was another issues work related which I ended up being involved in as an Independent or as it was subtly put "a fresh set of eyes" but that's my job and I do enjoy it.

Noel's job interview went really well. YAY!!  The management there spoke about all aspects of the job, a medical would be required if he was to make it through and that they weren't starting until mid July.  Noel, positive about the interview, expected to hear from the company next week or so.  Only to recieve a phone call that afternoon stating we might as well get the ball rolling and get that medical done early next week.  OMG things are looking brilliant but I hope they turn out that way.  I am really excited for him but worried at the same time.  Overall great news to come home to.

It is probably just as cold in Melbourne as it has been in Tasmania except that there has been a lot of rain. 

But that doesn't matter because I am home xxxx

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