Friday, June 15, 2012

Murray family dinner.....

Mam and Dad arrived home from their holidays but we hadn't caught up with them until tonight.  It was great to see them, even though you could tell they were still exhausted from their adventures and the jet lag that they were experiencing.

We had yummy dinner of Roast Pork but the highlight was just catching up with not only the two of them but with Sean and Vicky also.  It seems like forever since we have seen them also.

It was great to hear all about Mam and Dad's adventures and all the places that they went too.  Some of their destinations sounded so beautiful, some I had visited myself and brought back memories of my days of travelling... many many moons ago. Long before I became a Murray!

It was great talking with Sean and Vicky and catching up with them, something we should definitely do more often.  They used the Gold Class Tickets that we gave Vicky for her birthday last year, with Vicky's parents having the boys giving them a night out by themselves.

Mam recieved her birthday present from the family, a bowling jacket, as she will be away for her birthday next weekend.  They are heading to Tweed Heads as they do most years at this time.  Hopefully they will have a safe trip and an enjoyable time.

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