Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Teeth Chattering & Knees Knocking!!

I have now made my way to Hobart and it is still cold.   One more night and we can all go home - mind you from what I hear it hasn't been that much warmer in Melbourne.

Last night I had a lovely dinner at The Squires Bounty at Salamanca Place with Mark, Terry and Veronica.  The food was delish and the company was brilliant.  I love catching up with Mark, we have formed a close friendship since we first met and spent time together in Brisbane for work. OMG what a week of work and alcohol that was!!  LOL!!

Today will be a pretty full on day at work - mainly mentally but I do have to drive back up to Launceston for an important meeting (for want of a describing word this point in time). I will say however I am not looking forward to that but it is a requirement. 

Tonight on the other hand will be another fantastic evening.  Dinner at The Drunken Admiral, one of my favourite Hobart restaurants with managers and supervisors for both quarry and concrete and their partners.  They always get together and take me for dinner when I am in Hobart.  Any excuse for a piss up I reckon but it's lovely to see the social side of them all - and it's always a hoot.

Better go stand back in front of the heater!! 

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