Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Busy Busy Busy!!!!!

Thank god I am part of this family or I wouldn't keep up with the happenings of late.  The Murray family has been very busy.

Currently I am away again with work.  Sitting here at the moment in Longford Concrete Plant, Tasmania.  It's a chilly 2 degrees outside and about 3 degrees inside the batch hut!!  I flew into Launceston last night after spending Monday evening in Geelong, working on another project.  I am here with Terry to complete a Front End Loader assessment and also the Housekeeping Photo capture.  The two of us will be moving on to Hobart this afternoon where we have a Zero Harm presentation and will meet up with our manager Veronica.  All 3 of us will leave Hobart Friday afternoon - YAY just in time for the weekend.

Noel and the kids are well. 

Noel has had car troubles this week and thankfully was able to stop his car Monday morning without damaging it or any ofther vehicle.  A malfuncation whilst driving to work causing the Land Rover to loose it's brakes making for an interesting trip up the freeway.  One tow truck later, a missed day of work and a car sitting at the mechanics waiting to be fixed.  Luckily we have kept my old Magna (as I have a company car) so he has a vehicle to drive around in.

Alex is busy with a school project about the Federation of Australia.  I love how she loves school and learning, always putting in a 110% effort on school work both in the classroom and at home.  For extra project points she is making a bust of Edmund Barton, Australia's first prime minister.

Oliver finally returned to football this weekend after breaking his arm 5 weeks ago.  He was pretty excited and played well.The team won against the Rovers so that was a bonus also.  At school they are discussing career options and education choices - strange to believe that my little boy is nearly in Year 10 and half way through high school!!  Where has the time gone?

Enough blogging...the sun has risen so I can start my Japanese tourist impression with my camera taking photos of the Longford plant.  Hard to take photo's in the dark!

Enjoy xx

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