Saturday, June 23, 2012

Back in the groove....

Yes it is back in the groove - full swing ahead with the Murray household.  Menu planning, shopping, cleaning, homework, catching up on a week, etc... I am back in my element. Yes truly I am.

Ollie got picked up this morning to go to the U18's and waterboy followed by the other 2 senior games at the Pines.  Huge day for him and in the rain at times but he enjoys earning the money.  $35 for running water for 3 games on a Saturday is quite good for a 14 year old I guess.

Noel, Alex and I went shopping and had lunch at Mambo's instead of eating at the dodgy food court.  I don't mind going there and it is away from the shopping centre.

Alex is still working on her project of the Australian Federation focussing on Edmund Barton.  She is putting 110% in as usual but I will be so glad when she has handed it in and it is over.

Have decided tonight is DVD night and as a family we are going to sit down and watch Hugo.

Enjoy your Saturday xxx

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