Monday, June 11, 2012

Queen's Birthday - Long weekend.

Happy Birthday to the Queen 2012 and thank you for a long weekend.

With all the Regal celebrations - the Queen's Diamond Jubilee -we just had a wonderful but quiet weekend... with Noel and I spending some great quality time together.

Alex was away at Lakes Entrance with her friend, Tammy, celebrating Tammy's birthday.  She left Friday from school and was home Monday afternoon. 

Oliver had his friend Max over , spending most of the time in the bedroom on the X-Box only coming out for food and toilet breaks.  I guess just like most teenage boys do!

As for Noel and I, well we entertained ourselves.

Saturday night we had a date!!  Dinner out at Blu Restaurant in Patterson Lakes.  The food was nice, the service good but it was a very noisy restaurant but it was busy.  We both agreed that it would also be a nice restaurant to have lunch in - especially over looking the water's edge.  We shared a dip and bread platter for entree followed by a seafood platter for 2 for dinner.

Sunday we went to the local Market for a walk around, had a coffee out and about, did some shopping etc.  Max stayed again Sunday night.

Monday we caught up Kelee and went for lunch at Petaling Street in Clayton.  I have had lunch there before with work so it was nice to take Noel and Kelee there.  We were there for several, catching up on what's been happening with us all.  We love Kelee to bits and we are all at ease with each other, being able to chat about anything and everything.

A little more shopping on Sunday, then home to get ready for work and school Tuesday and the weekend was well and truly over.

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