Friday, June 22, 2012

Homeward stretch.... farewell Tasmania!

Before leaving Hobart to go home, I have a very interesting day ahead, infact the last few days have been very interesting....I commented yesterday that "I just got to tell myself that I am doing this because I can make a difference!!"

This is something my gorjus husband sent me:

Today is a new day,hold your head high smile take a deep breath and move forward,life is full of ups and downs,what u did yesterday is history,and what might happen today may change our lives for ever,cannot wait to be with you tonight so we can be a family, wish me luck this morning,this is what I have wanted for over 12 months,love you miss you xxx

Management asked me to become involved in an EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) issue - main problem Bullying and Harrassment in the work place.  I have found the last two days very hard, interviewing many involved, striving to stay independent while trying to keep my emotions at bay.  This is the first EEO issue that I have been involved in - only newly appointed to the role I haven't even done any formal training.  I guess I was in the wrong place at the right time!!

This morning will see me meet with all involved including the operations mananager.  My gut already knows the outcome - it's just the scenarios which I keep playing in my fuzzy brain.

Yes fuzzy brain.... last night as stress relief I went nightclubbing.  Yep me at a night club... actually several night clubs and several fruit tingles later I found myself back in the hotel room at around 2am... it was about 3.30 am by the time I relaxed enough for sleep.  All the managers and us visitors went out for dinner at the Drunken Admiral.  Then as dinner wrapped up and we were saying our good byes one of the gents from the Quarry said he was going to find another place to hang - too early to go home. Every one was surprised at my spasmotic agreement with a work collegue to kick on for the night but I beleive I needed to release some tension and try and destress - no chance of clearning my head though.

Noel has a job interview this morning at Bombardier - a company he has been trying to get into for approximately a year now.  I am crossing fingers and toes for him as this job has been a dream, a desire for him for so long now.  It is better hours, better pay, better conditions, full time so there is job security along with the benefits of holiday and sick pay.  I know I will have that in my mind while getting on with my day - I am just praying that it goes well.

Oh well.... let us see what today holds... I honestly cannot wait to get home xxx

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