Monday, January 24, 2011


I am a little behind with my posts of late and to make matters worse - Tuesday was a very horrid day for us... more so Noel.

He had only returned to work on Monday to be made redundent on Tuesday at lunchtime as the company he worked for, Frigrite have closed their doors due to being in the hands of the recievers. Yep Frigrite have gone bust - fucked basically! (excuse my french!!)

He was stood down with the uncertainty of whether he would be paid for last week let alone when he should recieve any of his entitlements etc. I can't say I am not angry - in fact I am ropeable considering all the big boys would have recieved their moneys for sure! Come Friday we did recieve last week's wage but that's it! The entitlements etc will have to come through the government but that could be weeks away.

Now, I guess we just need to move on and look for other work which he has been doing - applying for anything and everything through the internet, employment agencies and from cold calling and leaving his resume.

Cross fingers for my man on his mission.....

PS Noel I love you!

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Jazzie Casas said...

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