Monday, January 24, 2011

52 Weeks of Organizing - Task # 1

Okay so I am behind but pleased to say I have completed task # 1 of Org Junkies Organizing Challenge for 2011. I do have a list of 52 things to achieve this year and will tackle these in no particular order but the first thing I really wanted to do was to sort out my kitchen cupboards. With Noel recently losing his job and us instantly going down to one income I needed to be more organised when it came to shopping, overspending and buying multiple items purely because I didn't realise I already had a jar/packet in the cupboard.

So this is what they looked like before:

And two full garbage bags of out of date foods, empty packets (yes there was empty packets in there also!) and some foods that would never be used this is what they look like now:

Besides having cleaner, healthier and organized kitchen cupboards I also now have a list of what is in there, what has used by dates etc. With this in mind my menu planning should not only be easier but cross fingers it will be cheaper!

Watch this space while I clean and declutter my house!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I'm inspired.


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