Monday, October 04, 2010

A whirlwind weekend... again!!

The weekend started with my usual Friday afternoon activity.... front end loader lessons - here is the proof that it is actually me behind the wheel of such a HUGE machine. Now that the nerves have slightly disappeared I am enjoying it.

Saturday morning saw the household on a cleanup mission especially with Pam and Dennis arriving sometime next weekend. Finally got my wish and re-arranged my bedroom and I am really happy with it... This was all done while Noel was at work so I was pretty pleased with my efforts.

The Grand Final replay kicked off at 2.30pm.... happy photo's before the game but sadly no happy photograph afterwards as the Saint lost (and lost badly)!!

Sunday we went to the Carribbean Market, a large market selling produce, clothes, computer accessories etc. It has been a long time since we have been there but honestly it never changes. Lots of duplicate stalls all probably run by the same people!! But saying that we managed to buy a few things so that was good. Fresh laid farm eggs jumbo size, Alex brought some nail polishes and an anklet and the kids both got some DS games.

After the market we headed to the Stamford hotel where we had a late lunch. I tried to get a nice photo of Noel and I and this is what happened...

We spent the afternoon at the Le Mans Go-Kart track in Dandenong. Clearly I stayed on safe ground and took photos but everyone enjoyed the afternoon.

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