Monday, October 25, 2010

Woosh there goes another weekend.....

Surprise surprise... another busy weekend for the house of Murray!!

It all started with a doctor's appointment Saturday morning to get the results of Thursday's blood test. Thankfully all was good and Dr Botrous was happy with the results. No obvious signs of heart disease, pancreas all good and as we already knew the ECG results were normal also.

Saturday evening, Mat, Anne Maree and the kids came over for dinner. Strangely the camera didn't come out which is sad really as they are about to start a new life as a family in Mackay, Queensland. We had a brilliant evening, all laughing and reminiscining etc.

It was Sean's birthday yesterday and lunch was at the Chelsea Height's Hotel. I came across a brilliant deal while looking at the internet in the morning - 30% of each main meal over $15 if we printed out coupons, which of course we did. I am sure that everyone appreciated the deal we had found (I know we saved nearly $30 on lunch just the four of us!)

Opening the presents....
Lunch was going great until Christmas was brought up for discussion. In fact there wasn't a discussion to begin with and it turned sour from there. The rest of the luncheon was quite quiet and to be honest I was glad when it was over. When we finally got home, more harsh words spoken and Noel took off to Dave's leaving me fuming and with the kids.

So what better to do, go to Bunnings, buy lots of seedlings and do some gardening even if this was at 5pm!! Oh well at least the kids and I had a pleasant and productive evening..... we now have mint, basil, coriander, curly parsely, flat parsley, sage, oregano, firecracker chilli, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, capsicum, baby spinach, cucumber, mixed lettuce and strawberries growing plus a few punnets of petunias and snap dragons!

Noel didn't get home until later!!!!

I guess the Christmas saga is to be continued..... another time!

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