Friday, October 29, 2010

Looking forward to the Long Weekend.....

Wow a four day weekend and we want to achieve soooo much.

I am working in the morning which will be the first Saturday since February. I wouldn't actually call it working - infact I am driving the front end loader at Lysterfield to gain experience loading trucks. I will spend a few hours loading the bin truck! I am really looking forward to it as I am enjoying the new experience of sitting behind the wheel of a huge tonka truck

Saturday afternoon will be some grocery shopping. Oliver is off to a birthday party and Alex has invited a friend over (but we haven't heard from her yet). If her friend cannot make it we may just take Alex to the movies or something else nice.

Sunday I want to finish planting all the seedlings we purchased so not quite sure what else we will do - hopefully some relaxing and quality family time.

Both Noel and I have Monday off work. The kids still have school so it will be a day for the two of us to enjoy each other.

Tuesday is then the day that a horse race stops the nation. It is Melbourne Cup Day and we are off to a bbq at Pete and Tanya's. The team is Aussie so we are going to dress up. I am taking a salad and dessert and champas!! Should be a great day.... I hope Alex is in good tipping form - like she has been for the last few years.

The main thing I want to do however is NOT argue with Noel. We have spent much of the week arguing about one thing or another and have wasted so much time by doing so.

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