Monday, October 18, 2010

Desserts, Dragonflies and Sad Goodbyes

Another busy weekend - infact I cannot remember the last quiet one or cannot foresee when the next one will occur.

Friday night was spent at the Beretta's Langwarrin Hotel, with Pam and Dennis taking us out as a thankyou for their lodgings.... they didn't have to but it was an enjoyable evening. The meals were fantastic and we will definitely be going there again. Oliver's meal didn't arrive with the others only to find out that they had overcooked it and there would be a wait. The bistro manager, along with apologizing brought two mammoth pieces of cake and two bowls of icecream in way of compensation - all for FREE!! Definitely no arguments from everyone about that generousity!

Mammoth wedges of Mars Bar Cake and Lemon Meringue

Saturday we all went into the city. We were on a mission for Pam to buy some souveniers for the family back home so the Queen Victoria Market was our first stop. Mission completed and we all hopped on the City Circle Tram which is a free tram looping the outer areas of the CBD and is narrated with local facts both present day and in the history of Melbourne. Pam and Dennis thought it was great. The weather wasn't the best on Saturday with it raining on and off so we didn't hang around in town for too long.

Walking back to the carpark from the tram Alex managed to befriend a dragonfly which sat on her belly for the best park of walking 3 city blocks. She loved it and wanted to take it home but both Pam and I agreed it was not coming in either car.

Saturday night we had a final feast together as Pam and Dennis were leaving for New Zealand the next morning. On the menu was:

Natural and Vietnamese Oysters
Fresh King Prawns with Seafood Cocktail Sauce
Wonton with Sweet Chilli Sauce

Mustard Marinated Kangaroo Fillets
Pam also had Pan Fried Swordfish
Roasted Sliced Potatoes
Chargrilled Capsicum Strips

The kids had meringue nests with icecream and topped with a Hersey's Kiss.
The adults had a cheese platter with various cheeses brought from the Queen Victoria Market.

Saturday evening was brilliant. Pam and Dennis trying Kangaroo for the first time (I just had to cook it for them) and the oysters were delicious. They had been freshly shucked at the market so you really cannot get better than that. Pam purchased some swordfish from one of the fishmongers at the market. Noel and I had never even tried swordfish so we tried a little and was pleasantly surprised at the taste. I believe we will be purchasing it in the future!

As the evening drew to a close the feeling of sadness started to linger. Not wanting to have a late night as they had planned to leave by 6.30am we all got to bed at a fairly decent time (I think!!)

Sunday morning was the time for goodbyes. Pam and Dennis are such beautiful hearted people and as they are family it was without saying that it was very hard and it wasn't a dry farewell with tears flowing from most of us. It has been an absolute pleasure having them stay with us and of course I wished it was for longer and we did more things. With working we really only saw them in the evenings but I know they enjoyed the stop at ours as they got time to relax and just chill out.

I dwelled on their disappearence for awhile after, the quietness of a house that has been full and bubbly was deafening, I had a few giggles with the kids about the last few days and we all have memories to hang on to. It turned into a very lazy day for us, pottering around the house, a little bit of shopping and then Noel took us all out for dinner to a thai restaurant in Frankston.

Reality - back to work this morning!!!!

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