Friday, September 18, 2009

We have been soooo busy.....

We have been soooo busy lately that I just haven't had that much time to maintain this blog... we are doing too much and that is the problem... but you know us we wouldn't have it any other way.

So what have we been up to..... hhhhhmmmm let's see.......

Since Father's Day (6th September) which I cannot believe was nearly two weeks ago, we have been doing the usual school/work caper. Noel has been working a lot of overtime and I have been trying to finalise all the football club books in time for the Annual General Meeting.

However Noel and decided that last Sunday was to be a "special" family day so we took the kids to the city. Even though that doesn't sound too exciting it was a great day. We caught the train into Melbourne - this in itself was a novelty.

We caught the train in from Frankston - this is something the kids have been wanting to do for ages and walked around for most of the morning, ending up in Chinatown for lunch.

After walking the entire length of Chinatown we ate lunch at "Post-Mao Cafe" and had a wonderful banquet lunch for only $14.50 per head and we were full. I am definitely going to recommend this to anyone going to Chinatown.

All through lunch the kids kept asking if we could go to the aquarium... we kept saying no. Only to see the disappointment on their faces at the prospect of further walking around the city did we change our mind. So we hopped on a tram, and without telling them got off at the stop right outside the aquarium.... oh how their faces quickly lit up!!

The aquarium was great, as usual, but the added bonus of the new penguin display was magnificent. The Emperor Penguin are so majestic and mesmorising to watch, I could have stood there for ages.

As per usual I was fascinated by the jelly fish and just want a tank full of them at home. Another brilliant time waster that would be!! LOL!!

Although there was no sign of one of our favourites, the cuttlefish, and that the octopus was snoozing under a rock our visit to the aquarium was great and like everytime we visit it's great to watch the kids faces.

We got home late and were totally exhausted but it was a BRILLIANT adventure... I am sure the kids are going to ask what is next?

Tonight we have the junior football presentations. They are being held at Skateworld in Frankston and it should be interesting to see all the kids on skates instead of football boots. Alex will want me to skate with her.... hhhhmmm I have to think about that one.


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