Monday, September 21, 2009

Another family day...... and yet another fast weekend!!!

Noel and I decided we needed another family day and yesterday was perfect weather wise so we go up and without even telling the kids where we were going we all got dressed and were out the door by 10am.

The car had a buzz of excitement about it, especially as the kids had no idea where we were going and we did!! All the way from the back seat we heard "Are we going to...?", "Are we going to...?", "What does it start with?" and "What's the second letter?" etc etc. It was quite a fun trip although we were only in the car for 40 minutes.

We took the kids to Narre Warren to the circus. I had got the times mixed up and thought the show started at 11am only to find that it didn't start until 1pm. So instead of having lunch at a quickie takeaway such as McDonalds etc., we went in search of a nice cafe or restaurant to have some food. Narre Warren really didn't have something that suited so we went into Berwick and to Beno's Cafe and Bar.... and boy, was it good. We all enjoyed our food and we all ordered differently, I had Beno's Big Breakfast, Oliver had Beno's Gourmet Beef Burger, Alex had to have the kids' nuggets and chips and Noel decided on the Tapas Plate.... I won't go into each meal but I can tell you that we were all so full that dinner lasts night consisted of toasted sandwiches at 8.30pm!!!

The circus was fantastic also. Circus Olympia, consisting of several Russian performers and it was mentioned that it was the show's first time in Australia but I would have to investigate to confirm that. The kids had a ball, so did Noel and I. I get great enjoyment watching their faces and seeing the enjoyment and how they light up at even the simplest things. There was some animals in the show and quite enjoyable and varied performances which lasted two hours. Well worth going..... we purchased ring side seats so we were quite close to all the action.

Our house will be quiet now until Friday night. It's school holiday's here in Melbourne and both of us are working. This means the kids get to spend the weekdays with their grandparents, who thankfully help us out when they can and will no doubt spoil the kids rotten. Noel will pick them up on his way home from work on Friday, we will spend the weekend together and then do the same again next week. We have chosen not to have time of this holidays so we can have time together over the Christmas school holidays. Hopefully I will get chance to give the house especially their bedrooms a good clean during the evenings while they are not home...... garbage bags here I come!!

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