Monday, May 18, 2009

One week on......

Well I definately cannot believe it's been one week since Mam and Clare left to go home. But besides the house being quieter we are slowly getting back to normal and back into our routines.

This week has been busy to say the least but I would have to be honest and say no more than the normal.

As usual Sunday was a day filled with football and football canteen. The Under 11's lost again, which is a shame as they haven't had a win at all this season so far... cross fingers on the up coming weeks. I am slowly trying to detatch myself from the canteen. It is very hard considering I do enjoy it but there are never enough volunteers to help out with serving, cooking and cleaning. They are all happy to buy the food but don't dare ask them to give up their precious time watching the game!

I have handed out the invitations to our upcoming "How To Host A Murder" Dinner Party on July 4th. It was good to see some of the faces when they read their invitations and worked out which character they were playing and I could just see the cogs turning over regarding a costume etc. I cannot wait until that night - I love these dinner parties. The whole night is a lot of fun with dressing up and getting into character, enjoying a good dinner and working out who amongst you in the murderer!

Alright so the big focus for us this week is "diet", well not so much a diet but a lifestyle change. I have been trying to lose weight for what seems forever but as of this morning Noel, too, has decided that the time has come for him to shed quite a few kilo's and it will definately not do the kids any harm to go without lollies, crisps and takeaway for awhile. I have menu planned the next week so there are no excuses for a healthy dinner each night and will plan on making healthy lunches for us all every day. So cross fingers... day one here Noel and I come!!

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