Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Spice Racks.....

When asked what I wanted for Mother's Day this year I actually had something in mind. (Quite proud of myself also!!)

I know most people easily ask for things that they want or would like but I actually find it quite hard to be that forward... just ask anyone that knows me!! My normal response is "nothing - just a happy family!!"

This year was different - I had been eyeing off some new shelves on which to put our herb and spice jars. The existing shelving was about to give way which would have caused an awful mess and it was really looking bad (sorry forgot to take a photo of how it was).

So here are my shelves after I put them together.. which I was proud of doing I must say (Noel check them to make sure I did them okay!)

All our herb and spice jars...... and yes there are a lot and we use them all!

There we have it - all finished... fully loaded and looking 200% better......

Maybe next year I can ask for new jars that are all the same... lol!!

Thank you Noel, Oliver and Alex for making my mother's day special and treating me!!

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