Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day.....

Well now that's what I call another busy weekend, with Mam still visiting and Clare, Noel's sister, flying in on Friday night to surprise her mam yesterday and I must say she was successful - it was a surprise.

Friday night mam and I went to the shops to quickly do the grocery shopping and buy her mother's day present. She wanted some salt and pepper shakers, of course we couldn't find the ones I have anywhere so it was a mission to find something that she liked instead, finally though we bought some and yes I did wrap them for her.

Saturday I went to work while mam got a visit from her other four grandkids. I am sure that this was the highlight of her visit... having all six of her grandchildren playing together. Trust me this is a rare event in itself but it was very special for her on Saturday morning. Unfortunately they had gone by the time I got home from work so I missed out on seeing them.

Sunday, of course, was Mother's Day. Noel, Alex and myself went up the football club to help Tanya set up and to get the laptop organised while mam and Clare slept in....we left the house around 7ish and returned just after 9am so that wasn't too bad. When we got back Noel and Clare took Oliver off to play his game of football at which Clare was the goal umpire. I think Oliver was impressed that his Aunty was not only there but that she was wearing a white jacket (and not that sort of white jacket!!)

Sunday afternoon brought the mother's day luncheon with my mam, Noel's mam and dad, Sean, Vicky and Christian, Clare and us so needless to say it was a busy and eventful afternoon. All the more eventfull considering Ann hadn't seen Clare until then and both her and dad had no idea that Clare was even in Melbourne let alone our house. Food as usual was abundant (lot's of leftovers so we are right for dinner tonight!)

Mam and Clare left this morning. I took them to Frankston to catch the airport bus this morning at 5.50am (which I was paniking us missing as we were all quite slow this morning after another late night). But all was good and after waving them off I went to work early.

Overall it was a great weekend!

Actually I lie.

Most of it was good - some parts I would love to be able to turn back time and change.. especially some things I did. Looking back I realise that I haven't been a nice person. I have definately over-reacted to some situations and was just outright childish in others. Infact I have been a cow... but I don't think it's me more than it is certain situations/happening around me that are affecting me. I won't lie that this situation with Claire is not only upsetting me but it's affecting the way I am coping with other happenings in my life. Noel has noticed, friends have noticed and now my mam has definately noticed!

I have said I am sorry to my mam, all I can do now is hope that she forgives me and still loves me for who I am and not what I have been!

I love you Mam xxxx

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Trish said...

Hey Jo

These situations have an affect on us in many ways. The way you write about your mam, there is no way that she would not have gotten over it - by the time she got on the airport bus

Keep your chin up



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