Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kids in the kitchen....


Masterchef Oliver
Masterchef Alexandria

I am so proud that both our kids have embraced the love of cooking and forever want to help out in the kitchen. The best thing is however is it's just not baking cakes or biscuits that they want to help with - they will give cooking anything a go!!

Keep in mind that Oliver has just turned 11 and Alexandria is only 8 but wow they can they cook.. they both follow recipes well and are very sensible whilst in the kitchen. Please note they don't do this just when they want to - we are always with them whenever they cook anything!!

Recently we made homemade pizzas. A few other things they have prepared and/or cooked can be found at A Dash Of Flavour.

In fact every now and then they actually ask if they can cook dinner!! When they do they choose the meal, they write the shopping list, we go shopping to buy everything on the list, come home and start cooking. It's so exciting for them to do the complete meal from start to finish.

And boy can these two turn out good dishes.... Olivers speciality is tacos whilst Alex likes to cook anything to do with pasta!!

Plus they both love making desserts and cakes!! Who doesn't??

We have found that letting them help us even if it's just mixing gives them an urge to try the finished product and is actually encouraging them to be adventurous when it comes to tastes, styles, international flavours, etc.

Go on...

Get your kids involved with cooking - you will be definitely thankful in the long run....

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