Monday, February 09, 2009

What a weekend ... both good and bad!

What can I say or where do I start?

It's Monday and I am back at work after a "great weekend" on a personal level but on an emotional level a "devastating" weekend.

I am sitting here at work listening to the radio, listening to what one could only describe as horrific and unimaginable to the average person. I cannot even begin to imagine what the people living in the fire stricken areas are going through and to be honest, wouldn't even know where to begin.

Currently Victoria is living through what has been recorded as our worst bushfire on record in modern history.

The current loss of life stands at 108 with many people still missing, presumed dead. Men, woman and children among that figure.

Complete towns being wiped out by the raging flames which fire fighters and volunteers are struggling to control. Towns that we have driven through, stopped and purchased things at especially when we are out in the 4WD.

My thoughts, wishes and prayers are with all those touched/affected by the bushfires. My heart reaches out to these people, families loosing their properties and all their belongings, farmers losing all their crops and livestock, basically their whole worlds. Not to mention all the family pets that have also been killed by the fires.

However the thing I find the saddest to comprehend is that there is suspicion that some or many of the fires have been deliberately lit. How could anyone in their right minds consider doing such a inhuman thing as lighting a fire especially during our summer, which has been unbelievably hot and humid this year? If caught, the monster or monsters face a minimum of 15 years just for lighting the fires, but this would undoubtedly increase due to all of the lives lose - all of the "MURDER".

Driving to work this morning, the reality of it hit home. The area near where I work was also afftected and is now black in places and at 8am this morning still smoldering here and there. The residents surrounding the quarry actually took refuge inside the open space of the quarry, bringing family, belongings, pets and even horses to the safe haven. Both these photos are at the end of the street where I work.... sad isn't it. Even at 4.30pm on Monday afternoon the CFA were still dousing small fires.

My supervisor at work, Rod, isn't at work today. He has spent the whole weekend facing the fires as he is a CFA Volunteer. I spoke to him yesterday, and although tired he was okay but I must say it was really good to hear his voice. He has rung into work again today so thankfully all is still well with him. From what I understand he is actually fighting the fire that is threatening the town where he lives. Also my boss is on edge listening to the radio as fire is threatening area near his house.

As for us, besides watching many news broadcasts we did manage to have a good family weekend. Saturday night we went to Julien and Deb's house for "thankyou for helping us move" bbq. It was a good night and as it was such a hot day, it was really nice not to have to cook. Saying that I did make two salads, a Roast Pumpkin Salad and Crunchy Asian Salad, but they were definately not too difficult. The kids had lots of fun as there was quite a few kids there. We left quite late, probably too early if you ask Noel, but I worked in the morning and was very tired.

Sunday was just a day at home, doing the usual cleaning etc but also did quite a lot of cooking. There was a fair amount of laughter even though having the tv on in the background added a touch of sadness to the air. The kids played on the computer - god only knows what games they have downloaded this time! Sunday dinner was Peking Duck and yes we actually cooked the duck ourselves. Quite fiddly and to be honest, easier to buy in Springvale. Alex and I also made Raspberry Brownie Slice, which I think everyone enjoyed, and I know the kids were thrilled at the prospect of actually taking cake to school for morning tea (trust me that's a rare event in itself!)

As I said my thoughts are with all the fire-affected families.......

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