Tuesday, February 03, 2009

All is good.....

My cherubs survived their first day back at school!! I never thought there was going to be an issue yesterday but as a mam I suppose there is always that little bit of worry for them.

Alex loves Mrs M and the thrill of being a "big girl" at school now being in the middle levels. She came home and explained what the subject they are focussing on this term and that is Australia. Then she went on to tell us in detail everything else she did for the day.

Oliver, on the otherhand, when asked "how his first day was?" replied "good" and that was it! In typical Oliver fashion as he isn't that fond of school. A few more questions later a little more information was released but it was like pulling teeth. But we found out that he likes his new teacher so that is a start. I don't think he was too impressed with having homework on his first day though!

We'll have to see what they say when they get home tonight!

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Ingela said...

Hi Jo!

I really like the way you write, espessially about the kids, I rekognise myself in youre consern about them.



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