Monday, July 30, 2007

What a weekend......

I am actually glad that it is Monday and we are back into the weekly routine of school and work. The weekend was huge and I am sitting here at work totally shattered!

Saturday was a massive day with me working in the morning, followed by a little bit of shopping and cooking THEN it was the school’s trivia night. WOW that was fun. Only 7 of us on the table this year – Noel and myself, Sharon, Mat and Anne Marie along with first timers Naomi and Gab (friends from our crèche days). We came 2nd which we have never even been close to before! Noel and I won the silent auction for the “Robert Harvey” signed football and team poster. We also managed to score a night out at a hotel in South Yarra (la-de-da) – now we have sorted out what to do for our wedding anniversary! Sharon on the other hand went bazzerk with her bets and took home a trailer load of stuff – thankfully Mat and Anne Marie brought their ute! A very, very late night but it was quite enjoyable.

Sunday almost killed me! Yes ME! The alarm went off at 7am as Oliver had an away match for football meaning he had to be at the ground at 8.20am. Noel was in no state to drive so instead of doing Auskick with Alex (which is local) I took Oliver to his football match in Mt Eliza only to find that when we got there the fixture was wrong and he was actually playing at Overport Road Grounds… aaarrrgghhh! But I am so pleased I went as Oliver (or Ollie as he wants to be known now thanks to the footy club) kicked the 1st goal of the match – what a STAR! He then went on to play in the Under 10’s game as they were short 4 players and set up 2 goals for them. I will tell you I was such a proud mam yesterday. Once football was over with – it was off to a birthday party for Oliver which was good fun. Alex had gone off to Sharon’s for the day so we picked her up and finally walked in the door to relax at 4.30pm. Needless to say the rest was short lived as we were back up the football club for 6pm!

Bed was sooooooo good when I got in it…..and you can probably guess it didn’t take long to go to sleep!!

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