Friday, July 13, 2007

Grandma is the best!!

All is going well at the House of Murray. The kids are still enjoying having Grandma around (so do I). It is great that for once they are having Grandma all to themselves while Noel and I are at work. My house is clean, which is a miracle in itself, we are having a yummy dinner everynight (thanks Mam) and it has been wonderful to sit down chatting the night away with her. The school holidays have been great, doing some fun things out and about but have also stayed home with Grandma catching up on all the recent released movies. Mam has caught up with Claires a few times since she has been down. Alex and Oliver think it is wonderful that they have been able to see their cousins several times in the last week.

It has rain quite a bit this last week. I love waking up in the early hours of the morning and seeing raindrops on trees especially in the light of the moon or by the street lamp. I have been starting work early to help the boys out plus the overtime pay is a bonus! Haha The quarry is so muddy but the rains are producing lush green grass surrounding the pit. Everything is starting to look nice and healthy.
I came to the realisation yesterday that things are never going to be how I dreamed they would be, how I hoped they would be and how I want them to be. Now I just need to get on with the life I have and this is going to mean making some harsh decisions. I have to think long and hard about these choices as they are going to shape the rest of my life, my relationships and more importantly my family.

My mam is staying with us until Monday morning then she is off to Claire’s. She will go home from Claire’s and as she is at Claire’s next week we probably won’t see her –SO THAT MEANS THIS WEEKEND HAS TO BE SPECIAL!!

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