Thursday, July 26, 2007


Well the demons have finally been let loose to go and play with somebody else’s mind for now - hopefully it will be a long time before they return! Sanity will prevail most times. It just takes varying lengths of time depending on the person and the situation. Now that my world seems to be back to normal (well as normal as it can be) I can now return my focus onto me and of course, my family.

Mam has gone back to Brisbane and is probably enjoying the peace and quiet. I felt really sorry for her while she was here as still had to deal with me and my emotions. Some things needed to be spoken about and others were just hard to deal with BUT we all got through it in the end. So a big shot out to my mam especially for looking after the kids for the school holidays and for putting up with me!!

So what else has happened since my last blog….

*My sister celebrated her 30th birthday.
*Oliver’s football is getting better – Grandma even got to watch a game.
*Alex and Oliver both played in a grid match at half time of our seniors game at Frankston YCW. Grandma was there to cheer them all on and was amazed at the atmosphere that surrounds a VFL match especially when the seniors were on the field.

Coming up this weekend is….. (as usual another busy one)

*Trivia night on Saturday night (last year was huge and lots of fun)
*Oliver is playing an away game on Sunday morning down at Mt Eliza
*Alex has auskick Sunday morning also.
*Oliver has a birthday party on Sunday afternoon
*Football club Sunday evening

So that should keep the House of Murray busy this weekend......

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