Friday, January 12, 2007

Easter eggs already?

Geez this week has flown by – hopefully the world will slow down enough for us to enjoy this year and not whiz by as 2006 did!

Noel’s mam and dad took Mam and the kids out for lunch on Wednesday to the Frankston RSL. It sounds like the place to go as everyone had good reviews about it. The kids enjoyed their meals and the computer room. The adults all said their meals were good and that they didn’t see the kids most of the time (due to the computer room of course)!

Went to the shops and saw Coles has already got Easter Eggs in the aisles… come on – we just got over Christmas… Funny though one aisle has left over Christmas stock and the other has the Easter range. I honestly think that it will get to a time where all supermarkets have an aisle dedicated to Christmas, Easter and any other festivities permanently. They might as well have one, right?

Mam took the kids on a bus ride to the beach yesterday. Needless to say she is one popular grandma!! They had a ball and I am sure Mam enjoyed herself although her stories focussed more about being worried that the kids would float away etc. I hope she is enjoying her quality time with the kids and I know that overall the kids are enjoying spending time with her. She will be going back to Queensland soon, which will be sad but we are all used to having to say goodbye – even though it is very hard every single time. I love her to bits (although at time we don’t have the same opinions) and really wished we lived closer together.

The bush fires are still burning - not just far away but some getting closer with a new outburst in Mount Martha.. my thoughts go out to the firefighters and also to the people that the fires are affecting......

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