Thursday, January 04, 2007

Finally able to log in???

After a couple of days banging my head against the wall unable to log in I finally broke through. Don't know what was stopping me but something was amiss somewhere.

Anyways I am back at work (boring and quiet as it is) whilst Noel is enjoying his last few days with the kids!! Lucky him.

They all went to the beach yesterday. The kids thought it was wonderful. We definately don't go the beach enough and the kids think it is such a novelty when we do!! Isn't it strange that we live close to the beach but never visit. I think that is partially my fault due to my weight issue but as a little girl I was always at the beach with my Mam. She used to pick us up from school and it would be straight down there, into our bathers and off into the water!

The weather has finally started to warm up and considering we had hail stones on Christmas Day it is about time! Now of course everyone is complaining that it is too hot and muggy. Last night I was cranky when I got home but I think that was due to more than just the heat. It was a combination of my first day at work, getting up too early and my attitude towards myself at the moment. Saying that I owed Noel an apology, which I gave, but I still managed to put a damper on the evening. Cross fingers tonight will definately be better.

I have decided to go back to Weight Watchers and get the added moral support needed to complete my weight loss journey. I really think I can do it this time and more importantly I want to do it. Enough on that subject as I have a seperate "fat" blog.

We are off to Balnarring Races on Sunday (weather permitting as they have forecast rain!!) for my birthday celebration. Picnic lunch and no doubt a few glasses of champagne!! We went last year and really enjoyed the day but this year we have members passes. Noel's mam and dad are also going as we got them members passes for Christmas. My mam and sister with all her boys will be joining us also.

Bye for now.

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