Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2007 everyone.... may this year be the best. Well we are going to try and make it the best anyway.

It was a quiet day for the Murray household today. We didn't have anything planned except for taking Mam across to my sisters house. Mam will stay with them until Sunday 7th then she is back with us for one week. It was sad to have Mam pack her belongings and drop her off but the right thing has to be done. She needs to spend time with her other grandkids especially baby Angus who will be one month old on the 3rd.

Noel and I have both decided it is time to shift some of our weight - don't know where to yet but as long as it leaves our bodies I don't really care where it goes!! We went shopping today and stocked up on fresh vegies and fruit and will definately be starting our new lifestyle as of tomorrow morning.

The kids have just about gotten over Christmas and all the festivities. Alex even asked "When is it Christmas Mam?" I explained that it was 12 months away so she had better start being good! They are both enjoying all their Christmas presents especially the Nintendo DS Lites they both received. I have been enjoying them also and honest believe I should have got one off Santa also. I got a bike so I need to start using that - better buy a helmet first (must set a good example for the kids) and we also need to buy Noel a bike now so we can do the family bike riding thing!!

Chat soon,


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