Sunday, December 31, 2006

The final day of 2006

Well I must admit I have spent the last few weeks enveloped in a very hectic lifestyle. A lifestyle that honestly has required 30 hours in each day and not the allocated 24.

Work has been busy with breaking in the new boss and I also found myself travelling to other sites in the country and interstate. So not only am I still working full time but now jet setting and staying in motels... oh what a life!! Thankfully Noel is ever so supportive and capable of coping at home by himself.

We all enjoyed a wonderful but quiet Christmas - as usual the kids were spoilt not only by Santa but by their parents and their grandparents. The day all went well and I do believe all of our visitors had a good time.

As for New Year it is going to be a quiet one. My mam is staying with us and everyone else has plans. The city looks as though it is going to be the happening centre but I think we have all decided to keep well clear of it. Frankston doesn't look at though there is anything on at all.

Both Noel and I have decided that 2007 will bring change. Change in many ways especially with our weight. Both of us really need to lose some kgs and have agreed to help each other out. We need to also cut down on our take aways (a godsent for working families) and also to cut down on our alcohol intake, which has gotten way out of hand.

Bottom line - 2007 is going to be a better year for the House Of Murray.

See you then.......


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