Monday, October 16, 2006

Geez it took me awhile to come back - but here I am!!

On reflection what seems like a lifetime since my last post is in reality just a blink of the eye... where has the time gone?

I am not going to begin to capture what has happened over the last how many days, weeks or months. I'll just start again from now.

Work is taking me everywhere. Last week I spent two days in Carisbrook which is 10kms from Maryborough. Although a nice place once again I found myself in the middle of nowhere. I really enjoyed myself and I am planning to go up there soon in the near future to complete training.

The kids - well as usual they are growing by the minute and their mannerisms are changing just as fast. Both have similar characteristics but Alex is far more dominent than here older brother Oliver. Both are enjoying school and doing well.

Noel is looking for work and has even starting reading the WA jobs - a little scary as we still haven't unpacked all the boxes from our move to Sydney and back... but if it is to be it will be another new adventure for us all.

Mam rang me today - she is doing well and on a golfing holiday. I am really happy that she has found her niche in the world. It is great to hear the excitment in her voice when telling me things that are happening in her world at the moment. I suppose deep down that is how she has sounded with me for so many years. Always happy at my achievements and there to support me. I love her dearly and only wish that we lived closer.

Will sign off now as it is getting late and I had better go to work tomorrow.


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