Thursday, October 19, 2006

Better late than not at all!

Well this is just a quick post for yesterday!! A little late but what the!!

I spent most of yesterday driving from Frankston to Diggers Rest to do some training/assessing. It was a nice day for a drive with the sun shining down most of the day.

Thankfully I managed to get through the city traffic and get to the school for 5.30pm to pick my cherubs up from afterschool care.

The kids are enjoying riding their bikes now which is great to see. For months the bikes just sat there gathering cobwebs (sounds like my exercise equipment!!) Now a few of the other kids are coming out into the court in the evening for a play. It is great now with the nights staying lighter for longer. There is quite a social gathering of "little" people.

Anyways, must fly - off to work again. So it's busy busy busy. I will try and post tonight - not sure what the day will hold.

Bye for now.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Remember the good 'ol days where we would stay out late playing in the streets with the neighbourhood kids?
I think it's such a shame that we live in an era where kids can live next door for years and not know each other. They are too busy on the computer/Playstation/TV and it's very, very sad!
So it's great that this is happening at your place. This post made me smile! :o))


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