Thursday, May 25, 2006

Oops I missed Wednesday.

No seriously after a day of end of month figures, typing of the EBA minutes and trying to remember all the finer details topped off with fire extinguisher training I was buggered even before I left work.

Then on my way to pick up the kids I had a brainwave - I will do the grocery shopping after I collected my little angels. BIG MISTAKE!!! I have never seen so many people in a supermarket during the week. I actually think it may be quieter on Saturdays (which is when I do my usual full shop).

Needless to say the kids and Noel had hot dogs for dinner!! By the time I had put everything away and considered food for myself I ended up with two minute noodles!! Yuk!!

What a day that was... cross fingers today will run smoother and be more enjoyable.

Chat to you all tonight.


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