Thursday, December 01, 2005

Missing two front teeth!

Wow what a day yesterday turned out to be.

Oliver came home from school missing his other front tooth! Now both are missing and everyone is singing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" to him.

Kerry rang and we chatted regarding the upcoming trip down to Melbourne to meet each other. I am getting a little excited about meeting both Stace and her so cross fingers that will all go well.

Had a really good phone conversation with my sister, Claire, regarding Christmas and Mam coming down to Melbourne. Sadly we have managed to organise her whole trip with babysitting requirements, Christmas functions, etc. But she will enjoy spending the time with the grandkids and go with the flow.

Now for the result of my "second opinion". I came out of the doctors with a better understanding of my situation and must admit feel quite relieved. But I do not have gallstones (thanks for the first diagnosis, Doc!) I actually have an inflamed gallbladder. The doctor I saw yesterday, one that I like, said that the surgeon will discuss all options with me and I would not necessarily end up in hospital by the time of the appointment. Which funny enough was one of my fears. He also said that there may be a good chance of conservative healing but this would only happen if I was prepared to diet, exercise and reduce my alcohol intake. Something I am trying to do to lose weight anyway!! So I am now prepared to go to the appointment with the surgeon - open minded - on the 12th December.

Better fly as I need to get off to work and get the kids to school.

At least I am smiling a little this morning!! :)

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