Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Silly Season is definately here.....

Well firstly I must say Merry Christmas (although I am a few days late).

I cannot believe that it has been so long since I last posted and wow! so much has happened.

The fat man in the red suit with the jolly laugh definately came to visit us and as usual the children (including the big kids) were spoiled rotten. Alex hasn't stopped dancing to her cd player and Oliver is enjoying his skateboard but is taking it cautiously.

Both Noel and my families came over to celebrate lunch which was just over the top food wise. At least I can say that we don't under cater but I am so over left overs now. I am on the verge of throwing it all in the bin and munching out on a huge salad!! I don't want to see turkey for a while that is for sure!! LOL!!!

Today is my brother in law's birthday. For a change Jamie has decided to do something - we were all shocked. Normally we end up just popping in to their house to deliver the birthday wishes or they have a family bbq but this year we are going to the local pub for lunch. It should be good as the Riveria has a good meal and a play ground for the kids. Woohoo...

New Years is fast approaching also but at this stage no major plans have been set in concrete. We have been invited to Mat and Annie's caravan up at the Basin (near Shepperton)and we also have discussed having a quiet one and staying at home. It is just too hard as you get older!!

Partying isn't the same or am I just becoming a boring old hag??

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