Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My mam is here... yippee

Well once again I am spasmoticly posting to my blog. Sooo much is happening and I fear it is only going to get worse.

Last night we spent the evening at my sisters house as my mam has arrived from Brisbane. She is staying here until the 24th January. What a hoot. I love being with my mam - she makes me feel special and the kids just adore their grandma. I was so excited at work all day yesterday about her arrival that most of the drivers asked if I had won the lotto!!

As you can see by the time of this post it is really early but couldn't sleep. Plus I have something in my eye that I can't remove even with saline wash.

Must keep pottering.......

PS Claire cooked a really and I mean really yummy roast pork dinner and I must say I wasn't that good points wise but geez it was good. Need to do exercise this morning for sure.

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