Sunday, November 06, 2005

Kinda trivia night

What a fun night we had last night.

Seaford Kindergarten's annual trivia and auction night saw us have quite a few laughs not to mention purchase a few good items at great prices. Mat and Anne Marie picked us up and after a quick drink with them we we on our way to the kinda. (The kid's are staying the night at Sean and Vicky's and not returning until 4pm today).

Unfortunately Claire, my sister, and her husband Jamie didn't attend last night as it was Jamie's fathers birthday dinner. They were off to Via Mare in Frankston.... geez a little bit of jealousy snuck in there as I loooovvvveeee that restaurant.

As per usual Ms Smiths table won but this year we came 4th - probably the best we have done and there were only the 6 of us compared to the 12 of them. As usual there was the Treasure Hunt or the Handbag raid which we did really well on and the other mystery round was a list of 20 song lyrics to which we had to name the artist and the title. We did okay on this and came out the winners. Some of the general knowledge questions were not so general and the sports, Australiana and Tv of the 90's questions blew some of us away. The music round was all classical and drew quite a lot of boo's from us and fellow tables!! Oh well.

I am now the proud owner of a Kenwood Steam Mop, 2 children's passes to Sovereign Hill (which I paid $1 for) and a beauty voucher to the value of $ 25.00. Not to mention I am going to get a full set of permanent french nails done (valued at $50) and I bid $15 for them. There was nothing that took Noel's interest greatly and the few things that did he was outbidded on.

Roll on the Trivia Night at Kananook next year as I have managed to round up a table full - Mat and Anne Marie and Yvette are keen. I also know that Anne Marie wants to come to the Kinda night again as she has vowed that she will keep playing trivia until she beats the Smiths!!

Mat ended up staying the night at our place - Annie went out after the trivia night with her girlfriend. Mat is the foreman at my work and I am glad that I get along with him well. He is only the second person I have ever worked with that I have allowed into our personal life and the times have been good! Noel and I get along with him and his wife, Anne Marie, really well - which is amazing considering I spend five and half days each week with Mat at work.

Better fly and organise breakkie for the boys..... fill you in on the rest of the day later.

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