Thursday, November 03, 2005

7 Thursdays until Christmas

Right the party is over - there is only 7 Thursdays until Christmas so that is 7 more weigh in's and I have decided to make the most of them!!

My camping trip brought on a gain of 1kgs which I actually thought was fantastic considering what I have eaten not to mention what was drank!! LOL!!

So what does 7 weeks actually mean? I can feel a challenge coming on..... okay here it is. I am going to challenge myself to lose 5kgs in 7 weeks.

Doesn't sound too hard but here we go with the excuses... christmas parties and functions!! Yes unfortunately before the fat man in the red suit comes to visit we all tend to celebrate quite a bit not to mention all the celebrating we do afterwards.

But I am sure if I focus on this I will do just fine.

Now on the home front spent the day washing and still putting things away from camping. Yuk but someone has to do it I suppose. The kids stayed home also today as they both had an awful nights sleep. So it is back to normality tomorrow (what ever normality is?)

Bye for now.

PS Great work again this week Vicki - another 0.5kgs down.... Well Done!!

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