Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Emergency Department and still feeling ill....

Well all has not been well in the Murray household. The worst patient in the house is not well. Mam Murray (me) has been suffering major pains and nausea in my belly since Friday evening which I thought it may have been that time of the month related! But instead the yucky feeling have continue and led me to head straight for Frankston Hospital Emergency department after work Monday evening as my doctors was fully booked.

Thankfully I managed to get and seen to quite quickly. Was inside the walls of emergency and preped for a bed faster than usual much to my relief. The doctor gave me some fluids and some pain medication. I must admit I felt wonderful and by 9.00 o'clock was given the all clear to leave. Great I thought - but what is wrong with me?

Bloods were taken and tested and they all came back good with no abnormalties. An ECG was done and the results was good also. It was put down to Gastro and that I should be alright. I was given some pills for nausea and some for pain.

But here I am sitting at home after finishing work early today due to feeling exactly the same as I did yesterday. I have managed to have a sleep but the stomach is telling me it is still not well. I have made an appointment with my doctor for Wednesday morning and will see what he has to say. Obviously something is not right!!

Everyone else in the house is fine - noone displaying the same symptoms - thankfully. Will let you know how I go. I hate being sick and worst of all I get angry as I feel guilty being sick and asking Noel to do more than he already does. I love him to bits!!


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