Thursday, November 10, 2005

Another week gone.

It's funny how the week is officially Sunday through to Saturday by most peoples calendars but in the world of Weight Watchers it from scale night to scale night so in my case it's Thursday today so another week has past. Once again it has passed by rather fast, leaving me wondering where does all the time go but I have had a successful week weight loss wise with a loss of 0.8kgs. I am really happy with that and I have nearly lost all of the 1kgs that I gained after the camping trip.
Oliver lost another tooth tonight - that's two teeth this last few days. He lost one on Saturday night whilst staying at Sean and Vicky's. Tonight he pulled his tooth out just minutes before his swimming lesson. Needless to say with all the playing he did with the empty tooth hole it didn't stop bleeding and he was told to get out of the pool. So he did not finish his lesson!! Alex did really well in her lesson and as she has done the last few weeks headed straight for the deep pool as soon as she had finished with the instructor!! I think she is just about over the class she is in.

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