Friday, July 30, 2010

The final resting place......

After 17 years Dad has laid to rest finally and in the right spot.

It has taken me a while to post this. Not because I didn't want to or the fact that I was still saddened but I wanted to wait until I had a clear head so I could write without anger or sadness.

On 25th July, which would have been Mam and Dad's 40th Wedding Anniversary a group of people, family and friends that hold a special place in the history of the Davies', got together to send him on his final journey and to a resting place very fitting for such an amazing man.

Emotions had been building especially as firstly we had to remove him from the resting place that he had been in since his death. It was necessity that this occurs considering all the changes and upcoming plans/gossip surrounding the golf course and there was uncertainty regarding how safe his ashes actually were if left be.

As everyone gathered and mingled, chatting about the past, the memories and of course Dad himself, there was an sense of calm and relief that the day had finally arrived.

Mam thanked everyone for coming down, there wasn't much more she needed to say for the people there were there because when invited they chose to be. Mam scattered some of dads ashes into the flowing tide, then offered for others to do the same. We all did, saying a silent prayer to a beloved man before setting his spirit free.

Pip brought a bunch of daffodils - a wonderful symbol of not only our heritage but a beautiful and kind thought. We let these float with Dad with the ebs and flows of the tide and I know he would have been happy.

Once the tears had dried and a few more words were spoken for old times sake we did some crabbing!! With the tide in there wasn't that many but enough to have a little fun and find some very small crabs.

After we all went to the pub for a really nice meal, where we all chatted and continued to reminise, laugh and enjoy each others company.

Then back to Lars and Pips for coffee........

It was a perfect day, one that I will always remember.
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